A list of links and sites where you can find some of my work published on-line and a brief summary of that work.

 Review: Tracks and Signs of the Animals and Birds of Britain and Europe. - new guide from Lars Henrik Olsen (BirdGuides webzine)

Review: 52 Wildlife Weekends - James Lowen - self-guide to UK wildlife destinations. (BirdGuides webzine)

Review: The Warbler Guide - Review of the new definitive guide to American Wood Warblers (BirdGuides webzine)

Review: The World's Rarest Birds - Review of the new Hirscfeld, Swash & Still photographic guide published by Princeton University Press (Birdguides Webzine)

Through The Looking Glass - A birder's look at the new Google Glass technology and the impact and uses in birding in the future. (Birdwatch magazine)

Images of Floods in Morpeth, Northumberland market town on breaking news website Blottr

Review: Hadrian's Wildlife by John Miles - short review of guide to the wildlife and natural history of around Hadrian's Wall in Cumbria and Northumberland. (Birdguides webzine)

Review: Best Birdwatching Sites North East England by Brian Unwin and Ian Kerr - short review of best birdwatching site guide to North East England published in 2012 by Buckenham Press. (Birdguides webzine)

The Intergrade Issue on Birding Frontiers - A look at Jackdaw race intergrades and  their possible occurrence here in the UK. (Birding Frontiers blog)

Yellow Wagtails - Talking Heads - April 2010 - a short introduction to the races of Yellow Wagtail (Birdguides webzine)

The Predatory Bird Monitoring Scheme - a look at the work of this important and long-running raptor monitoring scheme. (Birdguides webzine)

The Eastern Crowned Warbler in Co. Durham - topical write-up of this first for Britain, published 2009. (Birdguides webzine)

Red-veined Darters in Northumberland - topical write-up of large influx of migrant dragonfly into Northumberland and first mating record for the county in 2009. (Birdguides webzine)

Birding Sevilla - English Language copy for Spanish website specialising in tours of the Seville region of Spain.

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