Thursday, 24 July 2014

M&S Say Game Over in 2014

News broke late tonight that Marks and Spencer will not be stocking grouse on their shelves in 2014 while they test/develop a code of practice for suppliers. You may remember reading about this issue almost a year ago here
I would like to think that the emails sent at the time made a contribution to the decision announced today so well done to all those that joined me in calling for a review of their supply chain practices.

Hopefully any draft code of practice will be well-researched and include very clear guidance and penalties in relation to illegal persecution of birds of prey and encourage suppliers to work positively towards the restoration of the Hen Harrier to our moorlands.

It might only be a small win in the fight to change attitudes and the culture that views birds of prey as vermin to be disposed of but once again it shows that events can be shaped by enough people raising their voices and highlighting the issues.

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Pete Woodruff said...

This is good news Alan. It may well be a small win in the fight to change attitudes as you say, but big enough to make a difference.

The problem here is, that 'enough people raising their voices' is something that only happens rarely....let's hope this is one rarity that 'happens'.