Monday, 28 July 2014

Collared Another Prat

Just a quick post more for posterity really, great find for Dave Dack at my old patch Castle Island today with Northumberland's 3rd Collared Pratincole and first since 1983, In amazing parallels the Russians shot down a passenger plane that year too.

As others have noted it's been a good year for pratincoles, especially for DD given he was in the thick of the Hauxley BWP too!

As I had just started work as the news broke I was grateful to JJ for taking over for an hour or so. On arrival I was the only birder on the north side and initially only took bins. I found it but facing away and distant and ended up trying to make doubly sure by phoning DD and the chaps in the cheap seats on the south side.

I nipped back to the car for a scope and managed better views, though none in flight and some ropey Iphone video that's about 50mb and crashing my broad band tonight so I'll try and upload it another time, so you'll have to make do with this instead.

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