Wednesday, 4 June 2014

4th June - Grreat

I was in the cake aisle when I felt a stirring in my left trouser pocket. The brief message on the phone from 'Lucky' Andy cut short the weekly deliberations over Sticky Toffee or Lemon Drizzle and I hurried to the checkout.

Having ignored last year's county Great Reed Warbler until it was too late I was keen to do exactly the opposite this morning. Shopping dumped at home I pulled up at the farm entrance to find ADMc back at the car with news the bird had flown into the northeast corner of the phragmites. We spent the next half hour on the road and wall (unlisted) and had some brief views of a large looking acro and maybe even a fragment of song but nothing that was really conclusive.

I headed for the hide and set up camp in the hope it would repeat its early morning performance. Forty minutes later and a few folk had turned up and were watching from the road in fairly heavy rain including Andrew Kinghorn and Rob Stonehouse. We exchanged some polite text messages and they had apparently seen the bird fly back south into some nearer reeds. Not long after on the pool side of the reeds sure enough up popped the giant acro and spent the next hour showing extremely well along the reed edge 30-40m from the hide, mostly in heavy rain.

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Bob Bushell said...

So, you caught it, well done.