Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Fool's Day

The rain that started late last night and forced me to bring in my mkIII moth trap due to the lack of a rain cover was a little heavier this morning so I opted for some food shopping to get it out of the way ahead of a hoped for late morning easing of the wet stuff.

Two Hebrew Characters and a Common Quaker were the potted contents sat waiting in the fridge and didn't occupy me for long.

Church Point to Lynemouth Power Station and back with a little dilly-dallying on the way. Outbound two Wheatears looking a tad damp though fly-catching from the rocks in the north bay as temperatures soared into balmy double figures.

Lots of song-flighting Meadow Pipits along the beach path but little else of interest. A good check of the power station compound produced next to nothing other than a few Jackdaws and skemmies. Several singing Skylarks in the north dunes and over the moor, occasionally chasing off any nearby Meadow Pipits.

On the walk back the Wheatear count had doubled to four and I stumbled on a young Harbour Porpoise corpse being picked over by a couple of crows that I'd managed to miss on the way out. Not sure whether these marks on the side were as a result of the crows bills or the general scratches that cetaceans often carry, I'll spare you the full corpse shot.

Rather warmer by the time I got back to the car I checked both Woodhorn pools but a single Pochard on the church pool was the only obvious difference to the recent line-up. A stop at Bothal Pond on the homeward journey produced three Sand Martins, first of the year and a nudge forward for the 10k from home list.

Extra time tonight with the dog +1 added an adult Whooper Swan and five Sand Martins at QEII Country Park and two Mediterranean Gulls on the sea at the Spital outfall.

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Stewart said...

Its nice to see you using the camera again Alan, that Meopta shite doesnt cut it really ;)