Tuesday, 8 April 2014

8th April - Moths, Moors and More

It's almost a family tradition that the arrival of the Easter Holidays means a first trip to the hills and valleys on the east side of the Cheviots. They are generally quieter than during the summer months, certainly quieter than the memories that always come to mind of childhood Sundays spent climbing, splashing, exploring, often through bracken as tall as I was. My dad was always telling me there was Adders, I think we may have seen one or two but only briefly and it wasn't till much later that I had great views of these amazing snakes. The thought of a 'poisonous' snake always added adrenalin to any adventure up there and today was no different, all three of my own kids managing good views of two that I found in a south-facing hedge alongside one of the minor roads east of the Cheviots.

Afterward we headed deeper into the hills to look for Ring Ouzels managing distant views of three feeding across one of the steep-sided, tumbling burn-filled, narrow valleys. The kids were more impressed with several Red Grouse calling and hurtling across the valley to pitch into the heather nearby before exploding out again and away.

Earlier this morning the moth trap produced a few new moths for the year including Double-striped Pug, Clouded Drab and a couple of Early Thorns.

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