Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Fakes, Imposters and Bling

Thermals on for the first time this winter and, after misjudging the tide yesterday and arriving at Newburn to find six Teal and jack shit in the way of gulls, I had another attempt this morning. In better tidal conditions 6-700 gulls present, 80% Herring Gull and little to get excited about.  No white-wingers, no yellow legs so I resorted to trying to string various Herring Gulls into something more interesting.

First up was a splendid beady, dark-eyed adult that was a cachinnans-wannabee.

I followed that with a pale 1st-winter that may have a touch of glauc...

Pale argentatus or perhaps Viking?

Then as the sound of gangsta rap rippled up from the mudflats, a young gull desperately wanting to be American.
No cigar!
A couple of blinged up birds, one from Aberdeen and the bird below ringed in Cambridge or Doncaster, further details will follow.

Then, this beauty that really should be something cripplingly rare as it was without doubt the best looking 1st-winter of the day.

Stephen Fryer arrived for the last half hour I was there and he had seen a Red Kite hunting the rough grassland at the west end of the business park. Only my second Northumberland bird this year, this one no more than 200m north of the Tyne was still there for a while as I walked back to the car, before, mobbed by a crow, it slinked off back to the Prince Bishops.

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