Sunday, 11 August 2013

Hen Harrier Day

Tomorrow is the 12th August, the so-called 'glorious twelfth' when on grouse moors all over the country the shooting community will be engaged in the first day of the new grouse shooting season. This year the land they stand on in England won't have produced a single Hen Harrier chick, I find that incredibly sad.

Tomorrow is a day for everyone who cares about Hen Harriers and what they have come to symbolise to take a small action, post a picture on your blog for the day, tweet a few words about how important it is, send your MP a picture and tell them how you feel about their absence, change your cover picture on Facebook. If you're on Twitter please use the hashtag henharrier Not on social media? stick a picture in your front window, tell your next door neighbour why.

We need to take back the 12th August, we need to send out a message that they may be gone but they are not forgotten and we won't give up trying to change the conditions, people, businesses, laws and actions that brought this sad state of affairs into being. We need to remind everyone, every 12th August until our uplands are once again a safe home for harriers.

Hen Harrier courtesy & copyright Sergey Yeliseev


The Liverbirder said...

Here! Here!

Pauline Jacobs said...

Good idea.

Noushka said...

So sad...
I read about it on Pete's blog.
The other thing to do is encourage people to boycott the grouse at Marks & Spencer. Shame on them.
Not much I can do from France unfortunately but I will put a word soon on my blog about this scandal.
Thanks for caring about the Hen harrier