Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Scottish Gamekeepers On Buzzard/Osprey Incident

As expected the Buzzard predation attempt on the Lochater Osprey nest drew a fairly typical response from the Scottish Gamekeepers Asociation. Via their Facebook page, which incidentally I'm still blocked from commenting on, spokesman Bert Burnett made the following comments:

'According to RSPB last time, this was a rare event..it's now so rare it's happened again. What is rare is that we can get the footage on this event...how many more vulnerable birds etc. are being predated by these apparently benign buzzards.'

'The buzzards are still there watching and waiting their chance to have another go. Couldn't be a clearer case of removing (by licence) a common raptor to save a less and more vulnerable species'

'This incident is not so much about the buzzard attacking the osprey..we've known they are capable of this for years...it's a demonstration on the fact that the RSPB continually lie, stating that buzzards are a benign raptor which only eats carrion and worms etc. Therefor will have no impact on other species of birds....which everyone who works in the countryside knows is hogwash'

If anyone can supply me with a link to where the RSPB call Buzzards benign I'd appreciate it as I've tried finding it but it doesn't appear to exist. Not that I'm suggesting Bert might be lying about this, just that he may be a little confused. I'd like to try and explain to Bert that when the RSPB and others say 'no impact' they are referring to the populations of other species rather than individuals but I suspect it might be a bit of a lost cause.

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Stewart J said...

Desperation and straw grasping there having so much deservedly bad press!