Monday, 1 July 2013

Bridled Tern - Farne Islands

Northumberland's fifth record of Bridled Tern and the first mainland twitchable one in Britain since at least 1994 was picked out by Will Smith one of the NT warden team on Inner Farne this afternoon. Whilst it flew off north shortly after, around 20 birders gambled on the bird returning to roost and gathered at Seahouses for an 18:30 special sailing on the Serenity catamaran.

The gamble paid off as the tern returned to the rocks close to the landing jetty just prior to departure and lingered there as the boat arrived for c.30 minutes before flying up over the island (and over our heads) out of view for the best part of an hour. It returned to this same position mid-evening and showed very well to the gamblers and the warden team. Big thanks to David Steel and the NT warden team for getting news out quickly and arranging special access and to Andrew Douglas and Stringer for a swift, smooth boat organisation as ever.

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Graeme Duncan said...

Good to see that Mr Smith has moved from the heights of Bel Air to bonny Northumberland :D