Friday, 1 March 2013

Meopta S2 Iphone-scoping

The good people at Marchwood have loaned me one of the new Meopta S2 scopes to play around with for a while. I'll write a review in due course but I've been out and about locally trying a little Iphone-scoping this week. Given that all these were taken handheld (just Iphone camera eye to scope eyepiece) without the Meopix adaptor I have been pleased with the results, though I think the addition of the Meopix will take things to a different level in terms of stability and provide the ability to follow moving birds rather than wait for static images as I have been doing this week. 
Using the camera on an Iphone is never going to match a DSLR or even a full digiscoping set-up with camera but the trade off, if you're just looking for 'record shots' for a blog or even personal consumption, is it's much cheaper and there is a great deal less equipment (and therefore weight) to lug about in the field.
To be honest the image on the S2 is nice and bright even at 60x and the limiting factor in quality is the no of megapixels on the Iphone camera and they are only ever going one way as upgrades come out.

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