Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Last Snow of Winter?

After shunting the car in the snow on Monday and now anticipating the insurance excess I stayed fairly close to home today. Winter snow squalls came and went from the north, some of them intense, in fact during a couple of hours this morning there was the unholy trinity of rain, hail and snow.

The breaks in the weather gave me a chance to take some photographs, the two adult Whooper Swans that are lingering at QEII Country Park combined with a warm car were hard to resist after I came off Newbiggin Moor feeling like someone was holding a Zippo to my ears.

The side image and the first one below were digiscoped with the Meopta S2/Meopix/Iphone combination and have been cropped and sharpened slightly. I was quite pleased with the results on these.
The remaining shots were from the DSLR for comparison.

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Pete Woodruff said...

As an ex photographer - now completely out of touch with today's photographic equipment/technology - but now totally immersed in birding, these results are pretty impressive Alan....razor sharp.