Saturday, 23 March 2013


Thursday, car-less in the sunshine, I took to two wheels and made for Newbiggin, as much to see if I could make it there and back as much as anything else.  A replacement car whilst ordered is six weeks away, the way things are going it should get delivered in time for the first Wheatear arrivals.

The trilling of 30-odd Waxwings caused a stop as I passed the Arch building at Ashington, they quickly dropped into low cotoneasters bordering the car park to feed for a few minutes before lifting back into pathside trees.

As I cycled back from a quiet Woodhorn Flash I spotted another familiar figure on a bike and so we headed into Newbiggin together. A short tour of various playing fields and the beach-front yielded a decent March count of Mediterranean Gulls with 15 in total. Adults, most well into summer plumage, numbered 11 with two each for 2nd-winter and 1st-winter age. A look back to BiN 2011 shows the March peak was 12, pending late records only 6 were noted in March 2012.

The ride up to Beacon Point provided little beyond the usual waders with a couple of Bar-tailed Godwits and Grey Plovers still around as well as 3 Purple Sandpipers. It looks like the heavy seas and strong easterlies are taking their toll on many seabirds as we also found two freshly dead adult Gannets. (see photos below). They have another week at least to face too, not good.

By the time I got home I'd covered 15 miles! I'm just begnning to recover some feeling in my gluteus maximus today.

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each day an adventure in alaska said...

beautiful birds...sad that they didn't make it through storms. we are starting to see birds return north. saw my first gulls this weekend. great to hear them today. just trolling blogs. betsy in alaska