Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Hedgeful of Throaty Chuckles

There was no wind, so one of the cotoneasters that form a hedge of sorts along the northern boundary of the front garden shaking, as if gripped by some invisible hand caught my attention. Several more violent shakes along the length of the hedge were followed by a throaty chuckle from deep within before one of the owners revealed themselves.

Like many during the recent snow I've been lucky enough to have some Fieldfares drop in, variously feeding on apples and then yesterday morning embedding themselves into the cotoneasters to pluck from the remaining berries (hence the shaking bushes), occasionally appearing in the open puffed out and tail-fanning to display those fantastic chevron-marked white undertail coverts, all the while chuntering on as they went about their business.

Couldn't resist a picture or two, so I sat in the other half's snow covered car using it as a hide a few metres across the lawn and soaked them in for a while. There were four in all, the one to the left a 1st-winter I think and below an adult. With hindsight I should have recorded the 'conversation' too as the low contact calling that bubbled from the bushes as they fed provided a fantastic winter soundscape alongside the sublime beauty of these quintessential winter thrush.