Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Viking Gulls (?), Newburn, December

At least two, possibly three, first calendar year 'Viking Gull' candidates (Glaucous x European Herring Gull) at Newburn on 11th December on the rising tide late morning. All the individuals in the images below seem to me to show some similar characteristics to each other, e.g. long bill, pale primaries, pale tertial centres, short primary projection and a general overall plumage paleness.

Individual 1
A chunky looking gull with a Glaucous-like bill pattern and small eye, an overall creamy hue to the plumage, washed out/pale tertial centres and light brown primaries with fine pale edges. I think I1 seems to have a bit of Glaucous jizz about it too, particularly about the head.

Individual 2 (Top left/Back left)

Another pale-headed bird with long parallel -edged bill, pinkish base visible though not as prominent; again a creamy paler hue to overall plumage and much paler tertial centres and primaries, this time with bolder pale chevrons around the edges of the primaries.

Individual 3

The sun was out by the time I saw this individual and never went back in before all the gulls left for the tip.  Again a fairly long-billed, pale individual though with a much more white base to the plumage, particularly the greater coverts and tertials. I'm less convinced about this one to be honest, opinions?

I've seen individuals with lighter brown primaries with pale edges before, but the first two individuals above do seem to show some Glauc influence/genes.
Compare the individuals in my images with these taken a little later in winter of presumed 2cy Viking Gulls in Iceland by Hans Larsson.


Andrew Kinghorn said...

Would generally agree on all you said. Bird 3 looks to me like its just weshed' out.

Stewart said...

A truly dreadful display of horridious munticorns.

You dont need to go there you know, really you dont...

Alan Tilmouth said...
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Alan Tilmouth said...

@Andrew, bleach in the wash cycle

@Stewart, always welcome if you feel like a change from the chocolate box