Sunday, 2 December 2012

Non-birding Weekend

Work and family, were it not for those twin consumers of our time just imagine the birds that would be found. I think I managed about 40 minutes actual birding this weekend, jammed between a daughter and dog walk and the free-range chicken aisle in ASDA. To be fair as the dog walk involved a hike through some riverside woodland (her choice not mine) I did manage to pick up a vocal Marsh Tit, a fly-off Great Spotted Woodpecker and Nuthatch so I was kind of birding though doing so at the same time as trying to explain the water cycle to a five year old is disconcerting.

News of a Great Northern Diver on Bothal Pond just a hop, skip and jump down the road yesterday afternoon prompted a stop late morning today to check it it was still around, as there had been no further news. One old-timer local last night suggested it was probably a site first, anyone else know differently? In crisp sunshine the juvenile was quickly located diving frequently around the centre of the pond. Perhaps unused to such a small water body it regularly stayed very flat when on the surface as if attempting to remain unseen. Distance resulted in nothing more than vinyl tequila but it was nice to watch.

Great Northern Diver

At the east end of the pond a small Canada Goose flock, a fragment of the Woodhorn/QEII flock turned out to have at least four of the putative Todd's Canada Geese amongst them. A later phone call from JGS suggested six.
In other news two of my colour-ringed Herring Gulls from Friday were first sightings of individuals ringed in a garden at Peterculter Aberdeen.

T:095 (metal ring GR46003) was ringed as an adult on 17/07/2011 and this is the first location/sighting since. T:260 (metal ring GR46266) was ringed as an adult female on 21/05/2012 and this is the first location/sighting since also.


Jules said...

I was over on your patch briefly last week but same as you little time to get out and about.

Colour ringed Med Gull at Church point, colour ringed Sanderling on the beach, Iceland Gull, Merlin etc etc etc. Too easy really.

Jules said...

Forgot to say - posted a few pics here:

Alan Tilmouth said...

You should have let me know you were coming. I met your daughter a few weeks back whilst hanging about at the maritime centre, credit to you she was very polite.