Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Tempered Expectation & Two Pairs of Socks

Two key things needed for a late November sea-watch. With the wind having a northerly element and yesterday's deluge just a distant flood in the field, a sea-watch was the chosen start to my birding this morning. I figured a Little Auk might be on the cards though this turned out not to be the case (though I see others further north had more joy).

As expected there wasn't a great deal on offer, apart from a single Puffin all the auks were Guillemots. The highlight of my hour was a single Manx Shearwater that moved north close inshore; I need to check but I suspect it's my latest ever. Seven Gannets also moved north along with a hodge-podge of wildfowl, mainly Common Scoters (c.200), two Shelducks, 3 Goldeneyes and a handful of Teal lent a little variety.

Later this morning I took the dog for a little wander locally around Bothal Church and Mill, all the expected local birds put in an appearance including Jay, Nuthatch and Great Spotted Woodpecker,though a local Grey Heron perched above the in spate Wansbeck looked rather forlorn.

This afternoon was taken up with shopping for the wife's Christmas present, a 1200mm steel replacement radiator. Wrapping paper cost a fortune as it needed two rolls. Can't wait to see her face...

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Johnnykinson said...

Remember covering your books with wallpaper in days long gone. A roll of that would be a lot cheaper.
Are you getting her that new 500mm lens for her birthday then?