Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Review: Meopix Iphone Adaptor

A long-time fan of Apple's Iphone as one of the best examples of how technology can co-exist with and compliment birding activities I read about the US launch of an Iphone to Scope adaptor from an optics manufacturer, Meopta, that side of the pond many months ago. I was keen as mustard to get my hands on one and see what it could do, so keen I contacted them via their website to find out what was happening about getting the product into the UK and was subsequently put in touch with Marchwood who are Meopta's UK distributors.

This led to a meeting with Marchwood's Charlotte Lancashire and a promise that when they were available here they would offer one up for review, a promise they duly delivered on a week or so ago. I know from early discussions however that the Meopix was designed with Meopta's scopes in mind and the fit of the eyepiece cover was 42mm and wasn't going to fit my old Leica APO Televid. The good news though was that it would slide over one of the eyecups of my near-ancient 8x42BA's giving me the opportunity to try a little Iphone-binning something I've never managed before.

Meopix Iscoping Adaptor

The Meopix Iscoping Adaptor (MIA) couldn't be simpler, an Iphone shaped slot that the phone slides into (after case removal) and a 42mm eyecup cover that slides over the eyecup of your scope (or binoculars). The MIA is thoughtfully designed so you can still access all the key functions on the Iphone whilst in the holster, so you can take calls, send texts, review news apps, etc, zero loss of phone functionalty in fact.

Fitted to my 8x42BA's the Iphone's built in camera and video camera could be put to effective use, I quickly found that using my left eye through the bins I could focus on the subject and click the camera 'take' button with my right hand. Hand-held on my bins there was a degree of wobble that made individual images trickier than they would be on a stable tripod-mounted telescope. This wobble as a result of my own movement was less noticeable when I switched to video mode. Again I can see real potential for some decent video on a tripod-mounted scope. 

The images and video below were all taken through my 12 year old binoculars, hand held on the first afternoon out and about with the Meopix. Whilst footage and images like these are never going to match the professionals, for someone wanting to record wildlife cheaply, or have a simple but effective, lightweight solution to grabbing a record image or video without carrying cameras or other equipment this adaptor fits the bill, if it fits your optics.

 Mute Swan (at c.5m distance)
Stonechat (at c.10-12m distance)

Cormorant diving at 20-25m range

The Meoptix Adaptor is also now available with 44mm, 49mm, 55mm, and 55.3mm cups to fit a range of telescopes and binoculars. The RRP is £55.

* Thanks to Charlotte Lancashire at Marchwood for kindly providing a Meopix Iscoping Adaptor to facilitate this review.

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