Tuesday, 6 November 2012

No Escape From The Bombycilla

This morning it was grey and raining. The fridge held little that was edible. Put the two together and it was necessary to do some food shopping. Afterwards with the rain still tumbling I caught up on the blog, made a few phone calls, fiddled with Twitter and washed dishes. A Wren appeared briefly in the birdbath at the end of the garden just before midday.

I was of course kept up to date with the current explosion of Waxwings from the frequent gentle pings as push notification followed push notification followed push notification on the phone with alarming regularity. An invasion of Waxwings makes for a big increase in workload at this time of year, not least because they insist on turning up in odd locations that aren't 'traditional' birding sites resulting in a new site needing to be created. The mobility of the species adds further complications as they can roam around urban areas seeking out suitable berry trees.
As an aside the just launched feature of including postcodes in some news reports will certainly help some people keen to catch up with Waxwings in urban areas this winter, an excellent additional feature.

Post-lunch I headed out with the dog around the village and had a wander around the allotments down to the Brocks Burn east of the village. A Jay and a bit wet about sums it up. Arriving back home around twenty minutes before the school run I came down the hill to see a myriad of dark shapes lurking in the big swaying  willow at the bottom of the garden accompanied by a soundtrack of trills. Bombycilla on the garden year list no less. A dash upstairs for the record shot and a quick count came to 32. They took off east but didn't look like they were headed far. I ditched the dog and headed around two streets and found them again in a small birch. The two images at the foot of the post are top and bottom half and enlarged I reckon there is forty-nine in that tree.

They hung about until dusk, allowing the kids to get a bit of action, very mobile and hitting the hedges and bushes hard in search of food. I've piled the 'apples on sticks' out so hopefully they might offer some better pictures in the morning.

49 or more?


Johnnykinson said...

Post codes great for Bee-eaters also from what i overheard at Seaburn on Sunday. We might be seeing the birth of the "birds from the satnav" list.

Chris B said...

I fear my 'sat nav' list is already challengin my self-found although I do try !!