Saturday, 24 November 2012

More Pics of Putative Todd's

After going back mid-week I managed some more Iphone-scoped shots of four individuals on the Church Pool. As I understand from the off-line discussion much better images have been achieved by several observers, some of which have been uploaded to Birdguides (Thanks Cain) and can be seen here, here and here

From the images below I've now got the impression of at least two fairly long-billed individuals but I don't see these individuals as 'thin-necked' (as per Batty & Lowe 2011 Birding World) though I don;t know how accurate this description was and whether it was based on field observation of just one or two individual vagrants? If anything I'd suggest (posture notwithstanding) that one or two of the 'Woodhorn' party possibly look thicker-necked than some of the nearby canadensis.

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