Sunday, 14 October 2012

Birds Through Irish Eyes

Whilst in Ireland even the hours of darkness were bird-filled. I was kindly loaned a copy of a new book just published by Irish Birder Anthony McGeehan Birds Through Irish Eyes. Oh boy what a joy. First glance and every page I opened contained a stunning image, one after another, they just kept coming till I hit the double page spread of Hen Harriers (images that aptly demonstrate the sheer beauty of this enigmatic raptor and drive home what we're missing in England as a result of the continued campaign against them by elements of the game & shooting fraternity).

This isn't a review as I didn't have enough time with the book to do it justice with a full review and I don't have a copy (but I will be buying one). If you are remotely interested in birds in Ireland though this is a must-buy book. It is one of the most beautiful bird books I've seen in a long while and McGeehan's prose are written in a passionate, authentic and character-capturing style that just bleeds experience and understanding and poetry and god I wish I could write as well as him...

A passionate, distinctive and evocative voice detailing not only the current status of the birds of Ireland but doing so with an eye for detail and language so descriptive it creates an indelible visual landscape for the reader.

I've been provided with a couple of the images from the book by Craig Nash just to whet some appetite. Enjoy.

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Pete Woodruff said...

Birds Through Irish Eyes.

Sounds good....looks good Alan.