Monday, 17 September 2012


Lynemouth Power Station to Lynemouth Flash return via Sewage Works & village (Distance 3.38 miles; 481 calories)

I parked up in the power station west car park and walked via the dunes onto Lyne Sands then north as far as Lynemouth Flash. With a landscape like Mars this area doesn't get many visitors and doesn't have much cover for birds. A couple of Meadow Pipits  flushed from grass as I crossed the old compound and a few gulls loafed on the beach (Common, Black-headed and Herring).
On the north side of the River Lyne two Wheatears on the beach and the occasional calling Skylark overhead. At the flash almost all the waders were gone other than a Dunlin and single Ruff. I later learned that everything had been flushed by a Peregrine earlier in the morning.

I walked back along the River Lyne between the sewage works and river, three Chiffchaffs were in nearby low bushes. Outside of Lynemouth a few gulls and corvids fed behind the plough including an adult Mediterranean Gull and another individual that had a second-winter wing pattern but looked a little odd, thinly billed and I did wonder if it was a Black-headed x Med hybrid but looking again at the one image I managed to grab on a bigger screen maybe it was just earth on the bill deceiving me. It's been that kind of day.

Next stop Woodhorn Flash, quiet with a few Gadwall and Little Grebes though on the way back I did have a flyover calling Crossbill.

I stopped off at the pools east of the A1068 and west of Ashington (Cooper's Kennels Flashes?) and got over-excited by a single pluvialis plover. A combination of all the yank waders floating about, the inland location and it obviously not being 'just a Golden Plover' had me dragging ADMc from his lunch and firing off pictures from the phone only to be gently and sensitively brought back down to planet earth and being reminded that Grey Plovers do actually exist and do occasionally turn up inland. I headed home to lie down....

Grey Plover - note the lack of stars and stripes!


Wanstead Birder said...

Really liking your post titles recently Alan. How do you think of them?

Alan Tilmouth said...

It's not having to think of them that has prompted the change, dates only on my 'diary' entries.

Pete Woodruff said...

Love the Grey Plover story Alan, always helps me to forget the distant Little Egret - many years ago when they were rare - through my binoculars which turned out to be a large white sack through another birders telescope.