Sunday, 16 September 2012

16/09 - (Look At The Pecs On That!)

'That' being Lynemouth Flash. After a failed post-work sea-watch with too much heat haze making viewing difficult and the only notable birds behind me in the cemetery in the form of 4 Wheatears I decided to head a little north to Lynemouth Flash to check for any signs of the possible Baird's Sandpiper that had been seen at Cresswell Pond earlier in the day.

I knew there was a Pec on the flash as that had been reported too, on arrival a birder approached the car asking if I had a camera as there were now two Pectoral Sandpipers. Sure enough there were indeed two juveniles as well as Ruff and Yellow Wagtail. The variation between the two Pecs was interesting with a bright individual with a more obvious rufous cap and more prominent supercilium (though no streaking on the undertail coverts that I could see and a not quite bright enough super for anything 'sharper').

Pecs - courtesy of Iphone and Scope

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