Friday, 7 September 2012


Warkworth Gut this morning on a falling tide and just enough time to walk as far as Amble Braid looking for passage waders and migrants. The managed realignment (apparently I shouldn't use the word retreat anymore) still looking good, a nice Whimbrel and an equally nice Greenshank the highlights along with several Snipe. 

Five Little Egrets remain in situ, all north of the wooden footbridge and showing well as they say in the trade.

A single 'older than juvenile' Wheatear jumped from the track onto vegetation by the scrapes and a Herring Gull obligingly stood still just long enough to read a colour-ring. Apart from that the only other notable event was being photo-bombed by a Guillemot in the dunes, displaying the usual ingratitude at being rescued from the clutches of my canine companion.

Chin Chin

A drive-by at Lynemouth Flash threw in a Curlew Sandpiper (juvenile I think) and a grinning bearded bloke from a parked car.


Pete Woodruff said...

....and I like the record of the 'grinning bearded bloke from a parked car' Alan.

There must have been good reason for you to add this to your observations, or was he just a plain idiot.

Alan Tilmouth said...

Pete, another birder that I know but didn't want to name, the idiots went past tooting their horn and flushing everything whilst we were there.