Saturday, 25 August 2012

More on Moroccan Turtle Dove Shooting

Further research yesterday revealed at least a further two companies here in Britain offering trips to Morocco to shoot Turtle Doves and bypass EU protection laws in the process. The two companies involved are and Roxtons Field Sports.

As word began to spread via social media sites and emails, twitter mentions and posts on associated Facebook pages began to grow both companies took action. It is interesting to contrast their responses. removed the page advertising their tour from their website within an hour of getting some Twitter mentions. Roxtons on the other hand took a different tactic. Rather than remove the tours thay blatantlyy attempted to hide the facts by removing any mention of the word 'Turtle' from their website advertisements, presumably so they can claim that they don't shoot Turtle Doves just other species. Luckily Google hadn't yet caught up with this action and I was able to download a PDF brochure from Roxtons entitled 'Turtle Dove Shooting in Morocco' (see below for an image of the PDF from my computer screen).

Roxtons are the self-acclaimed ' leading providers of the finest fishing and shooting opportunities around the globe' it is difficult to understand how an organisation that obviously prides itself on the quality of its offer could get an issue like this so badly wrong. However I have struggled to find any mention of conservation on the company website despite apparently representing 28 of the Top 50 Covert Shoots in Britain. A somewhat sad indictment of the people running this business. As this story unfolds we would all do well to remember these actions and judge any further statements or actions in light of them.

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Pete Woodruff said...

'We would all do well to remember....' indeed.

I think we should all be grateful for your keeping us up to date on this terrible business Alan.