Monday, 2 July 2012

Why No Fish?

Remember the post about Cormorants and Goosanders a few days back after a call from several different organisations for both species to be added to the General Licence that would allow them to be shot at will? Interesting that part of that press release from The Angling Trust partly justified their call for Cormorant controls by saying:

" Currently, 60% of rivers in this country are failing the EU Water Framework Directive's requirement to reach good ecological status by 2015, largely because fish stocks are so low."

Also interesting that the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust signed up to that press release given that on their website they have a page entitled Why is our freshwater so polluted? announcing a £1m research project that they are heavily involved in. The answer they give:

"The extent of freshwater pollution is shocking.  Niney-five per cent of lowland freshwater rivers, streams and ponds are degraded by diffuse pollution from farmland and run-off from roads, towns and sewage works.  Worryingly, three quarters of rivers in England and Wales fail to meet even minimum legal standards set for a healthy river by the Water Framework Directive."


" Dr Jeremy Biggs, Director of Pond Conservation said, “Not a single study has yet shown catchment scale improvements to freshwater biodiversity resulting from the many million pounds spent annually on mitigation measures.  We urgently need to get evidence of what works and what doesn’t so agri-environment money is spent wisely and not literally poured down the drain."

So you make up your mind, cormorants to blame? Perhaps not eh.

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