Tuesday, 26 June 2012

White-rumped Swift 'Discovery'

Back in October last year whilst out in Portugal one of the small number of new lifers I was lucky enough to get was White-rumped Swift. Found at Noudar Castle in Noudar Nature Park by our guide João Jara it was a fantastic bird in an amazing location that I nearly missed.

Putting icing on the cake I have just had an email from Portugese birder Rui Morgado to update me (and others in the group) with the following:

After an observation made in October 2011 in the Noudar Castle with some of you (the first observation there in 15 years), and a recent observation of 2 individuals in the same place on the 30th May 2012, it was now possible (14th June) to confirm the occupation of a red-rumped swallow nest in the river valley next to the castle. This is the first nesting record for the area and only the 4th or 5th nest location known in Portugal. 


copyright Mariana Antunes

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