Sunday, 3 June 2012


29 May
 Determined to miss the big one that everyone was predicting (Eastern Orphean anyone?) I've fled the country for some sun, sangria and serins. The Don Quixote lifestyle has a certain attraction for a middle-aged birder who dislikes the crowds, so we're snuggled into a hideaway in the foothills of the Sierra Nieves with a view north, a cool pool and some relaxed birding.
So far an unexpected bonus of an overnight roost of 25-30 Bee-eaters at the bottom of the garden was nice, a few Woodchat Shrikes in the vicinity and 2-3 singing Golden Orioles that I've failed to see yet. A couple of short walks along the rough tracks around the house last night and this morning have added some typical Med fare, Little Owl, Sardinian Warbler, Stonechat, Honey Buzzard.

Raptors last night and early morning included dark and light morph Booted Eagles and a pair of Short-toed Eagles. A few fly-through egrets mostly Little with a single Cattle Egret so far, an adult Night Heron also moved past last night and after dark a Nightjar was churring nearby.

Relaxing on the patio with morning tea and a smart Purple Heron perched up a few hundred yards away on a treetop which was a treat in the morning sun. Oh and  I seem to have acquired an old dog intent on keeping me company whenever I set out for a birding walk.

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