Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Closed Ears at The Scottish Gamekeeper's Association

I headed over to the Facebook page of the Scottish Gamekeeper's Association (SGA) tonight to see if there was any condemnation of the Scottish Gamekeeper convicted today for allowing a Buzzard to starve to death in a crow trap on the Glen Lyon Estate. Unsurprisingly perhaps they have not seen fit to comment, though they are delighting in the apparent dilemma we (not sure if we are conservationists or bird protectionists this week) now face after a video of a Buzzard predating an Osprey chick was posted on the internet. One wise wag commenting 'which has more value now' perhaps missing the point slightly that we value all of them but happily accept that they are predators and do what comes naturally (or at least I do).

I tried to leave a comment, my comments recently trying to put an alternative view have all been removed fairly quickly, only to find that I appear to have been blocked permanently from commenting. Fairly clear they aren't interested in exploring, debating or discussing, if you don't agree with their world view they don't want to know.

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