Tuesday, 12 June 2012


It's never clearer that we really do live in a green and pleasant land than when you're arriving back from southern Europe. The downside of that is we now have a hay meadow instead of a back garden lawn that is going to be un-fun to cut as and when I work up the momentum.

Last night with the wife and kids wanting to see family I opted out and drove up to Hadston for the Marsh Warbler that has been lingering almost the whole time I've been away. Typically despite some early evening sunshine, not a squeak was to be heard, two Sedge Warblers and a singing Reed Bunting along with 16 Common Scoters and hods of Puffins offshore were the only reward for endeavour.

Luckily I had this morning off and the kids fancied a bike ride so we dropped the car at the south end of the road and cycled along.late morning and this time had brief flight views and some song, it has obviously decided to do the decent thing and start behaving like a skulking acro should (at least for me).

In a cold northeast wind our short sleeves and shorts may have appeared a little blasé to the umpteen retirees present as we cycled up. A Jay flying up our street as we arrived back at lunchtime was an unexpected colourful bonus though not quite as colourful as some of my recent sightings....

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