Sunday, 13 May 2012


Preparing yesterday's blog post and a message gets pushed onto my phone from the birdguides news app (call me anal but I love the sound of a message coming through as it sounds like it's been squeezed out) not one but two Red-rumped Swallows over Lynemouth Sewage Works. I knew instantly it must be Iain and Janet ringing, so I bundled some clothes on the one bairn that was wandering around the house and headed down.

Stood on the bank was an assorted group of miscreants and individuals you would stereotypically associate with the nearby traveller camp, closer inspection revealed this to be 'the twitch'.

By the time we arrived only one was on show and we managed brief views before it departed north ( and I've no doubt subsequently ended up circling the Tin Church later in the evening). It wouldn't be a blog post without a record shot, sadly on this occasion whilst a decent shot of rump would have ended the post nicely it wasn't to be.

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The Liverbirder said...

At least you made contact with them. I dipped! Blah, blah Lifer! Bah, bah humbug! But I did get a few tarmacing/tree lopping jobs out of it!!!!