Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Life Goes On

...long after the rares have gone. Monday was windy so the kids and I hit the woods west of Morpeth for a series of short walks, Longwitton Dene, Hartburn Glebe and Bolam. Lots going on though birds were staying fairly low in the brisk wind. A Spotted Flycatcher was a year tick and several singing Redstarts  made good 'spotting' practice though I think the kids were more enthralled by the male Peacock that checked us out and began calling, so close we could see the breath exhale on each call.

As ever on these forays it isn't just about the birds, I try and take the opportunity just to get them to slow down and notice things, though admittedly sometimes with two of them looking in different directions I have to keep up with what they are calling out.

Bugle (?)

Monday night was a productive session to do with new members of NTBC and how best to help them, welcome them etc. Some good ideas and hopefully several new initiatives as a result in the months to come.
Then somewhere in the middle of the night I woke and a quick wander in the garden suggested it would be a good night to get ma skates on and get to to grips with the BTO Nightingale Survey Tetrads. By 04:15 I was wandering the highways and byways  with more singing Redstarts and 3 year tick Garden Warblers for company, though not a sniff of the songster. I finished around six with a drumming Great Spotted Woodpecker and a Song Thrush on loud and headed home for a quick hour before an early morning wake up call from Stewart to chew some cud.

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