Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Calm Before the Spring?

 A few hours in the field with the kids over the last two days have added a couple of county year ticks in a generally quiet spell with this high pressure perhaps acting to block the majority of migrants rather than accelerate their progress.
Yesterday whilst the kids collected pine cones from the nearby forest floor a male Goshawk slid past languidly a few hundred metres away in the late morning sunshine. Up to four Buzzards thermalled over an hour long watch and just before leaving we heard 'Kronk' nearby and a single Raven flew south just 30m from our vantage.
This morning a short walk to Cresswell Pond produced a single Short-eared Owl hunting the dunes, five Common Snipe behind the hide and a singing male Stonechat from nearby wires though the kids were much more impressed by the pissing capabilities of some of the local cows.

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