Sunday, 26 February 2012

Caspian At Straws

Work until mid-afternoon today, though I had managed three Common Buzzards in the process by early afternoon, two soaring over Ulgham and a third much closer to home between uz and Longhirst. An uneventful day until the phone rang and I heard the boss's voice whisper "Caspian Gull" down the phone. A quick mental somersault left me thinking "I haven't put any Caspian Gull's out today so I can't have got anything wrong".
Turns out she was on a busman's holiday in Barnes and the office teaboy had turned up trumps with a 1st-winter cachinnans - I'm sure they only rang to grip me off!
A bird in the oven and the veg on the hob I headed out for a quick wander of some of the local hedgerows to look for Little Owls. I've had some success over the years we've lived here and had birds on several occasions. They should be just starting to find their voices around now and the wind had dropped a little, so I was quite hopeful. An hour later and despite trudging 2-3 miles of hedgerow I returned noctua-less, Sparrowhawk, Common Buzzard, a single male Yellowhammer and a couple of Great Tits were my only points for effort.


Stephen Menzie said...

The office teaboy?! I think you need to have a word with Max about my tea making. I'm lucky if one in ever three cups I make doesn't get spat back into the cup and sent back to the kitchen!

But I do make an excellent black instant coffee *smug face*

alan tilmouth said...

And a nice side-line in videos, was that Iphone-scoped (with the 4S)?