Saturday, 4 February 2012

Bit of Bird Biz

One of the highlights of the last couple of years has been meeting some great people that manage to combine business and birding. Roll the two together and thrown in a bit of social media and a hot drink and I can be 'engaged' for hours.

Friday was no exception as I met with Charlotte Lancashire from British optics brand Forest Optics to discuss some of the products in their new range that I'm going to be reviewing for Bird Watching magazine. The icing on the cake was stepping from the car. glancing up and adding county year tick number 130 in the form of a Treecreeper inching its way upside down along one of the exposed branches overhead.

Later in gratefully received winter sunshine I spent an hour at Mitford Castle using one of the ED scopes to do some treetop scanning from a high vantage. A couple of displaying Buzzards to the north and the smooth glide of a female Sparrowhawk along with two noisy Nuthatches were my reward.

A circular journey back via Shilvington and Tranwell produced another Buzzard and a welcome Willow Tit in typical habitat that even did the decent thing and called, once, (though there was never really any doubt)

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