Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Yank Teal

With but a couple of hours this afternoon and a promise to cut the fuel bill after going over budget on the Ross's Gull I remained close to home. I caught up with the long-staying drake Green-winged Teal at East Chevington, though it's so far south on the south pool it could almost be a Druridge tick. The wildfowl on the north pool were restless and airborne and a single female Pintail was the best I could pick out.

A few Common Scoters close in off Hadston Scarrs and a half dozen Red-breasted Mergansers on a choppy sea were to be expected; what wasn't expected was the Woodcock that came tearing in off the sea, straight over the dunes and into the country park. There seem to be a few reports along the east coast mentioning Woodcock today so I wonder if there has been a late winter cold weather movement? A male Stonechat was by the boardwalk onto the beach at the south end.

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Stevie Evans said...

seems strange that Woodcock should be arriving just as our local birds start displaying.