Friday, 20 January 2012

Glaucous & Iceland

I had an appointment at one of Newcastle's finest hospitals this morning. Arriving at reception I was handed a pager, told to wait till it went off then head off down the corridor to see someone. For once I felt reasonably qualified to follow the instructions, though the experience of sitting in a room full of people with pagers going off left, right and centre was mildly bemusing.

Afterwards with a couple of hours to spare before recovering the kids from their respective schools and nursery I headed across town towards Blaydon to look for gulls. Recent reports had suggested that there was a juvenile Glaucous Gull in the area. Heading through one of the industrial areas I noticed a spiral of gulls dropping into an area of grass with some small floods ahead of me so I parked and walked the 300m or so to find a group of 150-200 bathing gulls. A typical mix of Herring and Great Blacked Back with groups of Black-headed Gull nearby. Second scan produced an adult Iceland Gull that I was able to show to another lunchtime gull watcher from Natural England.

Ten minutes later after a little turnover a cracking juvenile Glaucous Gull dropped in, presumably the individual that has been at Stella and Shibdon Pond over the past few days. I managed to get some Iphonescoped record shots of this one as it was on the outer section of the roosting gulls.

 Glaucous Gull- juvenile

 Tomorrow I get to do more gulls, this time in a different country.

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