Monday, 2 January 2012

2-0-1-2 - - - - - ->

Is go.
Working yesterday through most of the daylight hours so the New Year big list totalled a massive 17 by the end of the day, a male Bullfinch providing a splash of colour and a hedge hopping Common Buzzard the highlights.

We've been dog-sitting the wife's brother's durg for the past few days and eldest son J has risen to the challenge of the morning walk. Not working today he and I headed off for an early morning jaunt to Beacon Point. A lifer for J the Desert Wheatear duly obliged and as a result my wife is now the only member of our house not to have seen a Desert Wheatear. A single adult Mediterranean Gull was conveniently yards from the car on our return and a slow-down as we past Woodhorn allowed me to add Greenland White-fronted Goose to 2012's big list, though picking out the Tundra Bean that's been hanging about from a moving car was beyond me.

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