Saturday, 31 December 2011

Tats All Folks

At least for this year it is, I hope it has been a good one for you, I've certainly enjoyed it. I've got some great memories and enjoyed some fantastic birding; the speeding fines are paid, the damage to my weight from just two twitches with King Chocolate well-established and needing solid action in 2012.

Too many good memories from 2011 to list them all though the Jack Daniels/Sandhill Crane excursion was hard to beat. The most enjoyable birds of the year have been ones I've found, Nightjar in Central Northumberland and juvenile Yellow-legged Gull at Newbiggin, neither particularly rare on a national scale but neither easy to see in Northumberland (at least away from the known breeding sites in the south west in the case of Nightjar).

Next year will bring some big changes, it is the last summer before the twins start school and I hope that with their endurance improving and their shiny new Santa-delivered binoculars that we'll be out and about to make the most of the full days I have left with them. The thought of doing almost all my birding without them is still a little strange as for most of the time they are the only conversation I manage on weekdays. The upside is that beyond September and school the birding opportunities will improve, at least between nine and three so Autumn could be interesting.

With petrol prices and my waist size seemingly linked in a never ending upward spiral I intend to take on a small personal challenge next year, at least once a week I will switch to the bike with the aim of seeing more species than I weigh in pounds by the end of the year, given that I currently weigh in at a figure somewhere in the region of 195 pounds (otherwise known as the Pegswood Gut) if I don't attack the challenge at both ends it could end in spectacular failure. If I can knock off a stone and a half I may just about scrape it.
All that remains is to wish both of you that read and occasionally manage a comment all the very best birding for 2012. Oh and before anyone tells me I've dropped an 'h' in the title have some 'tats'


Antonio Puigg said...

Happy 2012 Alan.

Stevie Evans said...

Interesting challenge u've given urself there Alan

Good luck with it - on both counts !