Friday, 30 December 2011

The other gull of interest was a 2nd-winter that appeared to me to show several Caspian-like features in the field; though far from a clear-cut classic individual the combination of a very white head, dark-looking eye, clean breast and underparts, a high chested look with a mantle that appeared pre-dominantly pale grey with just a few dark centred scaps dotted around along with the apparent gleaming white underwing that was noted whilst wing-stretching marked it out as interesting (if you like that sort of interesting).
On the negative side the head looked a little too large and the bill shorter than classic, it didn't look particularly rangy or long-legged as a result failing to have the jizz that would have had me on the phone (though I may have sounded a bit more bullish after a few drinks last night).
It looked better in the field than it does here, hey-ho, though as in the earlier post I'm happy to make clear that this is another that I'm flagging up as much to get people thinking and looking as anything else. One previous record for Northumberland simply isn't enough.

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