Monday, 5 December 2011

Feeding the Ducks

A sunny but cold morning provided some respite from domestic duties. I took the kids to Druridge Bay Country Park to 'feed the ducks' as we have done on a few occasions recently. A little disappointed that  large gull numbers were very low with perhaps a handful of Herring Gulls amongst their smaller cousins.

After a juvenile Mute Swan nipped both sets of fingers on a previous visit the kids were a little warier choosing to distribute their wares from the safety of a picnic bench. They did manage to pull in a more interesting visitor to their free handout in the shape of a female Pintail.

I scoped the east shore from the landing ramp and sure enough the juvenile Greater Yellowlegs was just north of the visitor centre. With no other birders around I thought I'd take the opportunity to grab some images. After driving around to the far end we walked along the bank but the GY had disappeared; whether it had slipped into the nearby phragmites as it was doing at Cresswell or whether one of the dog walkers had got too close and flushed it who knows. So you'll have to make do with more Pintail.

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