Thursday, 22 December 2011

All I Want For Christmas...

Expectation is in the air, it is the season for it after all. At least two of the kids are getting binoculars from Santa, so listen out for the howls of protest from my small corner of paradise early Christmas morning. Probably in keeping with most veterans of 40+ festive celebrations my own expectations tend to be little greater than hoping we've remembered all the batteries, don't run out of wine and manage to stay awake for The Great Escape.

Last night I got a message from Stef Mcelwee. Friends getting in touch is all part of the season for most people and perhaps along with family the most important part. The message was brief, after all he's a fairly recent 'new dad' and will be dealing with all that goes with the 'first christmas'. I'm not sure what it says about birders (or me) that the message was far from the usual Season's Greetings but rather an excited briefing on the latest news about Northumberland's Landfill sites.

Apparently 2012 will see the closure of Seghill, currently the only operational landfill in the county and a site where the gull action is very difficult to access due to the distance and height of the tip. The potentially thrilling news is that Ellington Road, a mere 2 miles from my current residence, is one of two candidates earmarked to be re-opened to take up the slack. The operators have a licence to operate the site for another 20+ years. The other key thing about Ellington Road is that access and viewing are much easier than Seghill and the proximity of nearby Linton Pond is like a magnet for all those lovely-jubbly gulls to go and bathe and drink. Now where's those party poppers...forget Christmas, roll on Mich-aelmas!


Stevie Evans said...

GuessYou just Can't beat a couple of Christmas Tips

Lancs and Lakes Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Best Christmas present ever?