Sunday, 6 November 2011

Weekend Highlights

Having flu not being one of them. Despite the lurgy I managed an hour at West Chevington yesterday afternoon; it was all a bit lazy birding from the car across an area of private former opencast but it did have its rewards namely a stunning adult male Hen Harrier reported the previous day that showed quite well. Common Buzzard and Kestrel added to the raptor mix. This Autumn is turning into what must be one of the best for harriers in living memory.
This morning back at Newbiggin for a relatively quiet morning walk around the golf course. Five Snow Buntings north of Beacon Point were the highlight. Trying to turn a couple of male Bullfinch into 'Northerns' on the Ash Lagoon I got a text to say there was a Siberian Chiffchaff on the Mound so I headed back that way.
 Found by Jimmy Steele on Saturday but not calling, the Sibe was performing well today, calling and eventually sitting in the Whitebeam for a little preening session and for the benefit of the camera cosying up with a cousin Common Chiffchaff.

 Sibe left (and out of focus) but you get the jist!

I finished this afternoon with an hour at Prestwick Carr mainly to try and catch up with the latest ringtail HH that has arrived but I had the twins so yomping the whole lane was out of the question and we contented ourselves with some tumbling Short-eared Owls; we saw three but Peter assured us there were 7-8 along the length of the lane.

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