Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Still Slavering On

I took the twins twitching on Monday, I wonder if there are many four year olds that can claim Greater Yellowlegs, White-throated Robin and Desert Wheatear on their life-list. They hung around taking pictures of other twitchers with their Vtech cameras, catching a few bemused glances.

As we drove out I caught sight of a single goose with a big white blaze on the forehead and one of the current serious influx of European White-fronted Geese was in de bag. Drinking from a puddle it took my paparazzi efforts in it's stride, bloody unflappable these Russians.

Afterwards we stopped off as promised at Druridge Bay CP to feed the ducks and whilst the kids amused themselves I had a quick scan of the lake and bugger me if there's not a Slavonian Grebe not 30m off the jetty.
We finished off with a quick look at East Chev's drake Green-winged Teal.

Yesterday we were back at Hauxley this time having a quick look at the Tundra Bean Goose with White-fronts and Greylags in fields north of Low Hauxley. Whilst watching it we also jammed in on eight Snow Buntings flying around the south end of the field.
On the way home I took a quick look at the Canada Goose flock at Ulgham/East Stobswood to see if anything had been pulled in and sure enough seven European White-fronted Geese and a good 150 Pink-feet along with various dodgy incarnations including 3 Bar-headed Geese and at least one Greylag x Canada hybrid.

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