Thursday, 20 October 2011

Gosforth Park/Salter's Lane

Newcastle City Council is setting out its latest development plans which they are calling their “One Core Strategy”, this includes a “Strategic Land Review” in which they have identified potential sites for new development. They are proposing that 8,000 new homes are built in the Green Belt, including 600 new homes in the fields next to Gosforth Park Nature Reserve, which they are calling Salter’s Lane Neighbourhood Growth Area – the fields are conveniently owned by Persimmon Homes.

The fields that would be destroyed provide essential foraging habitat for wildlife that lives in the nature reserve. Without this habitat this wildlife will be lost forever. This includes families of badgers and roe deer, brown hare, several species of bats and birds such as barn owl, kestrel, buzzard and reed bunting. Other wildlife in the reserve that would be badly affected by this development include otters, red squirrels, voles, shrews and small birds. The area is also attractive and peaceful countryside that is well used and loved by walkers, nature enthusiasts, dog walkers and cyclists.

10 years ago Newcastle Council designated this area as a Strategic Wildlife Corridor linking Jesmond Dene to the wider countryside. Further developments since then make this wildlife corridor even more important today. The Government’s Environmental White Paper, published in June, highlights the importance of creating buffer zones around important wildlife sites and retaining wildlife corridors – the Council’s proposal clearly goes against this Government advice.

The Council is consulting people on their views of these plans. You have until 18th November to tell them what you think.

YOUR VIEWS WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE. You can stop the destruction of our wildlife and countryside by telling the council that you object to their plans. The more people who object the better the chance we have to stop this terrible proposal and to save our wildlife and open spaces for future generations.

You can view the Council’s full plans at If you want to give them your views on their plans to build houses next to the nature reserve then the policy that you are objecting to is Policy CS3 1a Salter’s Lane Neighbourhood Growth Area.

To give your comments online go to and follow the instructions.

Alternatively send your comments by email to planning& or write to Harvey Emms, Director of Planning, Newcastle City Council, Civic Centre, NE1 8PD.


Killy Birder said...

Comment was made at the NTBC Meeting that the council claim on their website to have consulted both NNHS and NWT regarding these plans. Both organisations were represented at a senior level at the meeting and denied that such consultation had taken place!
I'll certainly be giving my views and ensuring others are made aware.

John Hague said...

Done my bit there mate. Bloody greedy Councils and developers. There's shit loads of brown field sites need regeneration.

Ian Cowell said...

Letter sent to council pointing out how designating the area for housing development contradicts several objectives in the One Core document