Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Delightful Double D's

A call from Dave Dack early afternoon broke the monotony of recent days spent mopping fevered brows and scrubbing vomit stains. Bob Dack  and John Spraggett had found a couple of dowitcher (sp) at East Chevington North Pool. With two kids back at school and the third 'on the mend' I went for it.
By the time I arrived the finders had sorted it all out and settled on two Long-billed Dowitchers; quite a rare bird in Northumberland with four previous records and last recorded in 2004. At a distance of c.350m there wasn't a huge amount to see and even at 60x the tertial pattern wasn't visible (to me). One looked greyer, more adult like? (the bird to the left in the dodgy images below).

After about 15minutes they got up and flew almost over our heads, at least one calling a single note 'tew' repeated but spaced out with clear pauses between each note. Mysteriously as they arrived there was apparently a third bird, not seen on the pool and at least one observer saw a third wader re-join them in flight as they moved off high to the south.

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