Friday, 28 October 2011


Yesterday's wander around Newbiggin produced three species of bunting, a few Reed Buntings on the Ash Lagoon bank, two Lapland Bunting that I inadvertently flushed from the weedy bankside north of Beacon Point (is it just me that does this? blunder in, next thing you know they're halfway to the next town and your left with a couple of flight calls as a reminder of what might have been).
On the beach a 1st-winter male nominate race (oh yes there not just Snobs anymore!) Snow Bunting performed well, Greenland or Scandinavia? Probably the latter I guess. Had it not been for a vocal Pied Wagtail alarm calling whenever I got close it would have been down to a few feet.

A couple of Short-eared Owls hunted above the Ash Lagoons and over the golf course.

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