Friday, 30 September 2011

Going South

Events conspired yesterday morning so that Northumberland's first Sandhill Crane found by Eric Barnes as it flew over his head at Newbiggin was off into the distance minutes before I arrived. Sadly the speeding ticket from Sunday's twitch to Aberdeen for self-same bird hasn't vanished.
September remains quiet though there is of course always something of interest. Most may not be aware that Eric was watching a Yellow-browed Warbler on the Ash Lagoon banks when the yank flew over. After checking West Hartford for a possible drop in I headed back to Newbiggin and watched the YBW for a while in the scrub. Active is probably the most appropriate adjective and that combined with needing to stay the right side of the fence due to the ongoing presence of workmen resulted in some poor images with which to brighten this here blog.

Interest comes in many forms, working from the kitchen table yesterday I managed a few garden notables including 3 Common Buzzard soaring over, a Sparrowhawk that was just moving locally and keeping the Chiffchaff company in the Mallow a Goldcrest.

The Chiffchaff (or another) is still charging about today, I think my latest ever garden record, though not surprising given the Mediterranean weather.
The day before saw me catching up with the 1st-winter male ringed Stonechat the first this year (for me) at Newbiggin after the recent hard winters. I wonder how many years it will take them to return and breed?

The best news of the week though has to be that I've been invited to a press familiarisation trip in October in Southern Portugal for five days. Always hard work these trips but I'm looking forward to five long days of Mediterranean birding, masochist that I am.

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Andyinblack said...

Alan I was in the Algarve in august and visited the nature reserve at Salgados . Its well worth a look.