Saturday, 13 August 2011

National Seabird Centre

I read with interest this news story from the BBC regarding the RSPB's plans to build a National Seabird Centre at their East Yorkshire reserve at Bempton. Great news they have received a grant of £30k from the Heritage Lottery Fund to plan the facility and happy to see that they plan to carry out further research on seabird feeding areas.
I'm puzzled though that they have chosen Bempton over a new site here in Northumberland. When it comes to seabirds we certainly have the edge in terms of species, whilst we have no Gannets we can add five species of tern into the mix at three sites within a 25 mile stretch of coast.
Establishing a facility of this nature in say Amble or even Seahouses could have provided a much needed boost for the local economy and given the RSPB a much needed bigger presence in a county that they continue to be seriously under represented in.


John Hague said...

Yorkshire! Yorkshire!

alan tilmouth said...

Pudding! Pudding!

John Miles said...

Having seen the demise of Northumberland for so long what can local birders do to encourage RSPB into the county? If they do not want to come then may be the bird club should take up the challenge.