Monday, 1 August 2011


A garage conveniently located close to the patch so a muggy morning stroll along the Wansbeck taking in Castle Island and the estuary produced a single Jay near Stakeford Bridge and presumably the individual that provided the patch tick a couple of weeks back.
With the weekend mud recovered again the only passage waders were two Common Sandpipers, an adult Spoonbill was a surprise after an absence of 28 days, still present and feeding late morning as I retraced my steps. The first juvenile Herring Gulls of the year put in an appearance along with 48 Cormorants at least seven of which were sinensis race and one colour-ringed. I don't have the final details but it looks very much like it was ringed at Rutland, Leicestershire earlier this year, I'll update when I get confirmation.

Iphone-scoped crap record shot of Spoonbill Gymnastics

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